The great change that is taking place before our very eyes has profoundly shaken the expertise both in the field of marketing and in the communication sector more generally.

Theories and other methods have flown to pieces while consumers’ purchasing behaviours have changed radically.

The old model of PR consulting agencies is a thing of the past, our jobs have splintered and have gone on to become ultra specialised.

From this movement sprang the Renommee group, itself designed to change.

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We believe in the strength of brand equity.

We believe in the economic value that a brand’s universe represents through its values, its testimonies, its digital deployment and ultimately customer confidence.

The group’s activities are geared to growing this value through working out strategy, and creating and producing sustainable content with high intangible value.

We are specialists in creating brand strategy, designing creative content and setting up digital solutions that help to increase perceived value by customers.

We regard the financial approach to brand communication in terms of investment.

Our work on intangible value is a long-term task and we see it as an investment which, by definition, has to allow the brand an eventual increase in its initial capital, whether this be tangible or intangible.